Welcome to Blair Water Conditioning


Our environmentally friendly water conditioning service is the hassle free solution to your hard water problems


Hard water contains totally dissolved solids (TDS) which are harmful to your plumbing and appliances, uncomfortable to you skin and hair, and leave a mess wherever water is present.

With our water conditioning system you can enjoy all the benefits of Soft Water without the hassle of owning and maintaining a typical water softener. Our unique service is a cost effective solution to the problems caused by Florida’s hard water.

Our business has been built by providing quality service to our customers. Our best advertisement has been the kind words of our customers referring their friends, family and neighbors. Continuing to provide quality service to our existing customers while we grow is our top priority.

We would truly appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. We are so confident in our product and our service that we don’t require any contracts.

“It’s all about the service.”