“I’ve been using Blair Water for years, about 6. I’ve enjoyed soft water thanks to their system, and the best part is not having to worry about servicing my own water softener. They come once a month to replace the filter. But where their excellence shines is in their willingness to help with non-soft water issues. I recently had an issue where I was using using up my soft water quickly. Thanks to the team at Blair Water, they installed meters and researched possible causes. I am happy to say they found the issue. This wasn’t a service they had to provide, but they did. And that is why I would recommend them to anyone. — Rob”

“My name is Kert Rhodes and I have been a customer of Blair Water for over 5 years now. One of the reasons why I went with Blair Water is the house that I bought swore that they have a great quality of water. That has been very true. The other reason is the lack of maintenance to the System. I don’t have to keep a eye on it at all. Again, having it for over five years I have had zero issues with it. That is what I like to see. I like consistency around my household…they are just a added bonus. Thanks guys !!! ”

“We have been customers for about 5 years and we can’t live without our Blair Water system. Getting this system was very important to us since we have young children. We have the basic system and our water tastes great and doesn’t smell anymore. No more buying bottled water, our clothes come cleaner when washed and our skin doesn’t dry out as much in the shower. I don’t know how we ever used the water without it! On top of all that the customer service is great, very reliable.”

Just wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful customer  experience. On a recent Sunday afternoon, I called for service after  noticing a major water leak near your tanks. Not only did you answer the phone on a Sunday, your tech repaired the leak even though it stemmed from  my sprinkler system and not your tanks. Thank you so much for the quick response.


Blair Water Conditioning

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