Blair’s Soft Water Service

Blair Water Conditioning systemGetting started with our service is very simple. Based on your water consumption we will size a system to meet your needs. We will then show up to install the necessary plumbing to accommodate our tank(s). Then every four weeks we will show up and replace the tank(s) with fresh tanks that will service the water for the next four weeks. We will provide you with a route calendar showing the 13 dates that we will be there to provide service.

Typical Installation:
(Please call for pricing as prices vary)
Buried Installation:
Single Tank Service:
$34.00 per delivery (every 4 weeks)
Two Tank Service:
$44.00 per delivery (every 4 weeks)
Removal/Disposal of existing system:

Looking for a Reverse Osmosis System, filter changes or replacement cartridges for your drinking water system? Time for a new hot water heater? Call us and we will be happy to refer you to a reputable, honest company. We work hand in hand with several reliable plumbing/water professionals in the community that understand your particular water needs. Our goal is to provide you with the most professional/highest quality service in the industry. Ask us today about any of your water needs.