Soft Water without the Salt & Hassle

Soft Water no hassleThere is a common misconception that salt softens water when in reality ion exchange resin softens water. All water softeners generally work the same way. Water is passed through an ion exchange resin filter which makes a bond with the Totally Dissolved Solids (TDS) or hardness that are in the water and allow the softened water to pass through. This resin filter can only absorb so much TDS before it needs to be cleaned or regenerated. Salt or Potassium Chloride are the two most common agents used to clean or regenerate resin. After the resin filter has been regenerated it can continue to soften the water. Simply put, the resin cleans the water and the salt cleans the resin.

How water softening systems work

How Water Softeners Work

A typical water softener is an appliance that requires water, electricity and salt to perform the regeneration process. When operating properly the softener backwashes the resin, doses it in salt, then rinses out the salt before putting the system back into service. The problem with automatic water conditioners is that the valves, motors and other components necessary to perform this operation are subject to the water, salt, electricity and the harsh Florida sun. This is not a good combination for any appliance.


The Blair Water System

With our system the regeneration all takes place at our plant. We simply show up every four weeks and exchange your tank(s) with a fresh tank(s) packed with clean regenerated resin. Some of the benefits of our system vs. and automatic system are as follows:

replaceing soft water tanks

  • No equipment to buy/finance
  • No SALT to add
  • No electricity needed
  • No Salt Water discharge on your property
  • Saves about 10,000 water per year
  • No mechanical parts to breakdown
  • No timers to set
  • Minimal space required

Cost Comparison

Description Salt System Blair System
Up Front Investment $1,800 $200 (approx)
Salt Usage $660 $0
Waste Water $360 $0
Repairs/Maint. $300 $0
5 Year of Service $0 $2,340
5 Year Total $3,120 $2,540
Average Yearly Cost $542 $508

We are so confident in our product and our ability to keep you happy that we don’t have any contracts. If you aren’t satisfied, you are moving or have any other reason to discontinue service just let us know and we will remove our tanks. We know you will be happy with both our product and our service.